About Aspen NDB

Aspen Notre-Dame-de-Bondeville is specialised́ in the manufacture of sterile products: from the production of active ingredients to the manufacture of finished pharmaceutical products.

Recognised as a pharmaceutical site of excellence, a global reference for sterile products for over 50 years, we manufacture for international distribution:

  • FRAXIPARINE ™ / FRAXODI ™: Low molecular weight heparin indicated for venous thrombo-embolic events
  • ARIXTRA ™: The only injectable synthetic factor Xa inhibitor indicated both for venous thromboembolic disease and also the treatment of acute coronary syndrome
  • MONO EMBOLEX™: Low molecular weight heparin indicated for venous thromboembolic events

In 2018 the site is committed to the manufacture of anaesthetics with the construction of a new production building to accommodate these new products in our portfolio. More than 46 million single-dose units (polyethylene ampoules and polypropylene ampoules) and 2 million bags (polybag) will be added to the site’s sterile production capacity by 2023, bringing the total sterile unit production capacity to more than 400 million.

In 2019, Aspen Notre-Dame-de-Bondeville is also developing its production of diluents and vaccines for other pharmaceutical industries. In this way, we manufacture Aspen products but we also make our production capacities available for subcontracting.

In a constantly changing regulatory environment and as a healthcare company, all our employees work with transparency and integrity so that our patients can trust Aspen.

We have mastered all the criteria that guarantee the absence of risks for the patient. Every day, in each of our actions, we think of him, he counts on us.


1968 Foundation

750 Employees

92% of our production is shipped overseas

Our PFS (pre-filled syringes) production facilities: 3 API manufacturing workshops, 3 sterile filling lines, 3 inspection lines, 6 packaging lines.

Our BFS (blow fill seal) production facilities: 2 rotary filling technologies Blow Fill Seal (BFS) high capacity, 3 automatic inspection equipment and in-line leak testings, 3 terminal autoclaves, 1 filling Technology of rigid bags, 2 packaging lines.

Our certifications: ANVISA (Brazil), ANSM (France), EMA (Europe), FDA (USA), HPB (Canada), JMHRA (Japan)

Aspen has a Management System certified by DQS for ISO 50001 (Energy), ISO 45001 (Health / Safety) and ISO 14001 (Environment) standards